Klein Vs Belinda

Sitting at dinner with some nameless people last night I overheard the conversation get to Ralph Klein spontaneously. Now the man aint that popular in regular dinner convo, so you can imagine my ears peark up at the very mention of the mad man from out West.

"... Do you know what he said about Belinda?"

I figure ooh boy, this is going to be good. What kind of trouble did King Ralph get himself into this time?

"... he said: 'I don't think Belinda had a Conservative bone in her body... Well except for one... "

Wow. I thought to myself. What a complete master of media stupidity.

Of course I wouldn't have slept last night if I didn't read up on it to find out that yes it was true.

Only problem was it was done at what we like to call a "roast."

A roast, for those that don't know, is an opportunity for politicians to make lewd jokes and get away with it because it's for charity. No seriously the intent is to let loose and make fun of each other a bit.

Now I've heard the jokes at roasts before. I've thought many of them are uncalled for. You can certainly make fun without dragging yourself down into the gutter. Ralph Klein's comments are going to go into that category in my book.

But the response on this one from Belinda and the whole press corp is not warranted. Ralph Klein was at a roast. He can easily use the "roast" defense. My goodness if politicians were held accountable for what they said at these things I think some of them would have had spectacularly shorter carreers.

Disclosure: Ralph Klein is in my bad books. I firmly believe he's not loyal to conservatism one ayota, and I think he's either run a stealth campaign against Stephen Harper in the past or he's just unbelievably politically inept.

Now that that's out in the open, let me say this: not too long ago Ralph Klein was dishing out advice to Harper on how to handle the media.... Where's is Ralph Klein's media wisdom now?


  1. Another_Sean3:10 PM

    So, how is Ralph's gag any different than "Tie, you can stuff my ballot box any time..."
    It's in the current Air Farce commercials on CBC.
    Episode is here: http://www.airfarce.com/seasons/season14/061006.html
    Oddly enough, this would even appear to predate Belinda's remake of "My life as a dog".

  2. Ralph's retiring, I don't think he cares too much about the media anymore.