Mercer shows his true colours...

I knew when I heard of Dianne Haskett, and her previous social conservative history, that London was going to get a lot more attention by the national media - and soon.

Rick Mercer apparently was the first operative of the Liberal Party of Canada to chime in:
The fact that Ms. Haskett has been in America working for the Republican Party for the past six years may seem like a deficit at first glance, but I say every cloud has a silver lining. It will be easy to spot the Tory candidate in the Santa clause parade this Saturday, just look for the car with the American license plates and Bush-Cheney sticker.
First he brands her as an "American" and "Republican" (Translation: Diane Hails from the Deepest Pits of Hell) . Then in the same blog post he brings up the fact that she was formerly a Mayor of the riding she's running in. Funny how those two points seem to be what we "non-Mercers" like to call "kinda contradictory." A former Mayor of Canada is not Canadian enough to run as an MP? Heck, she's got tons more "Canadian" in her than another nameless Harvard Brat this blog shall not mention.

Apparently being a mayor in Canada, having been educated Canada, and having lived in Canada for the 20 years means nothing. Spending as little as 6 years in the US permanently taints you with the "Yankee-Cooties" in Mercer's fantasy land life. Maybe Mercer would like us all to do "Canuck purity" tests before we are allowed to enter politics that would ask questions like: "Do you believe that the Liberal Party of Canada is Divine?" To which the answer "no" would bring you a nice stint at a "re-education" center somewhere up in North Bay where the rest of us non-Mercer's could get up to speed on how stupid we are.

Oh and it just keeps on getting better:
In fact the Prime Minister’s Office has so much confidence in Ms. Haskett’s ability they actually own her. Well they don’t own her of course but they do own her name. As you can imagine in politics these days the single most important tool any politician has is their Internet identify. In Dianne’s case, she doesn’t control her online identity, the Conservative Party of Canada does. In fact the party bought her domain name days before she was given the nomination. The party also owns office furniture, photocopiers and a portable sound system.
In the sixties, radio stations in the United States used to make a practice of owning the on air names of “Negro DJ’s”. This way if they ever stepped out of line the station could fire the DJ and they wouldn’t be able to find other work using their name. Of course this name owning practice has long been abandoned because apparently it’s despicable but it’s nice to see the practice resurrected in the Prime Minister’s Office.
So not only is Dianne an "American" and a "Republican" but the person that backs her is guilty of being similar to 1960's American racists? All for having the gall to have had registered her domain name in anticipation of a by-election? Has that spontaneously become a crime all of sudden?

Wow. That is just one type of loonie I haven't seen since the last Liberal leadership convention.

A long long time ago I warned that Mercer wasn't just a funny man making jokes. He had an agenda. I guess it's finally coming out.


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    A piece of information ideologues like Mercer fail to mention is that she worked for the Democratic Mayor of Washington, D.C. But I guess that fact doesn't support the "Haskett = scary" storyline.

  2. Rick sure knows how to throw a hissy fit when he wants. The guy deserves some credit though, he calls it like a lot of Canadians might see it. He called it pretty good tonight on the Mercer Report. In case you were so disgusted with him that you missed it, he brought up Harper's trip to Asia. It was nothing but praise. (for Harper, not the Chinese or CBC)
    That's politics. Ya win some, ya lose some.
    He may've even earned another sleepover at the Harper's. And speaking of sleep (don't worry, it's not another Belinda joke) I wouldn't lose any over anything that Rick has to say. He's a comedian, not a rocket scientist.

  3. "...I wouldn't lose any over anything that Rick has to say. He's a comedian, not a rocket scientist."

    Don't worry I'm not loosing any. But that being said he's got more of a bias than most want to know.

    He at the very least should be honest and up front about it.