Quebec Nationhood Verbosity

Can someone explain to me how this motion isn't more than a bunch of verbosity on the Quebec issue aimed at befuddling the seperatists?
"Prime Minister Stephen Harper introduced a motion on Wednesday that recognizes Quebecers constitute a nation within a united Canada, in a surprise move aimed at countering an imminent Bloc Quebecois motion."

"Quebequers" apparently "constitute" in a "united Canada" a "nation?"

That's about as clear as Iggy's moral views on torture...


  1. It's crystal clear to me. The Prime Minister understands that the terms "nation" and "independent country" aren't one and the same.

    There are different nations in Canada. This doesn't weaken Canada. This motion doesn't hurt anybody in the rest of Canada in any tangible specific or real way. This is actually an improvement.

    It has the potential to start a new era after the last 35 years of failed attempts at new federalism and rigid polarized orthodoxy.

    Harper's offering another sign of more flexible, sophisticated, and mature federalism. Good for him. This resolution deserves our support.

  2. '...The Prime Minister understands that the terms "nation" and "independent country" aren't one and the same.'

    So what is the difference?

    Let me be clear, I really could care less if this resolution passes or not because as far as I'm concerned it doesn't say anything that changes anything.

    Quebec is still part of Canada with this resolution. Are we so obsessed with language in this country that a resolution such as this, that changes nothing at all in terms of Quebec's status or place in Canada causes so much of a ruckus?

    Well whatever. It's not for me to understand. If it makes such a difference to French Canadians, it's fine by me - although I can't understand it.