Al Qaeda's Christmas gift to the West

An attempted terrorist attack on an airplane filled with - lo and behold - innocent bystanders. Except that this attack was foiled by passengers taking the initiative and wrestling the terrorist to the ground. I can't help but think about the heroism displayed by the passengers of Flight 93 on the Sep 11 attacks.

Apparently the most effective means to stop terrorists doesn't seem to be increased airline security, or increased immigration restrictions.

What does work to stop terrorism seems to be committed decent individuals defending their lives and not allowing fear to get the best of them.

The irony here is of course that governments will no doubt react to this latest attack by further restricting the freedoms of their citizens in the name of improving security.

Airlines should be able to place whatever restrictions they wish as passengers are not forced to buy tickets from them. The problem I have is the ridiculous restrictions the state has placed on immigration, border controls, and free trade that I do not believe improve security against terrorists attacks ever since 9/11.

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  1. Anonymous12:39 AM

    I agree wholeheartedly. It's up to the people now. It is a war of the people and there is a certain kind of people (if we may call them that) who are waging it. All the evidence is in. They mean to kill, maim, disrupt, and dissipate our precious way of life and life-valuing citizens. We must be VIGILANT and act quickly and responsibly for ourselves and our mutual benefit. Muslim extremism is now affirmatively non-fiction, and the so-called condition of Islamophobia is a necessary state-of-mind for combating the wackos who seek to do us harm. It is time for the tightening of our North American perimeter, while relaxing our common border with the U.S. While we're at it, immigration has to be overhauled, and we'll just have to contain and deal with the mistakes we've imported already.