Canada: A Country Of Scrooges

Canadians continue to trail far far behind Americans when it comes to charitable donations. Quebec ranks the bottom of the list. The underlying reasons will continue to be debatable but I`ve always believed it has to do with the general level of public spending in Canada.

With government being more involved in our daily lives in Canada, providing Healthcare, education, and even television, I believe many Canadians don`t feel the need to support charities.

In the US, Americans feel more compelled to donate because Joe next door doesn`t have a big old government to depend on.

It`ll be interesting to see if the general generosity of Americans reduces with the implementation of socialized healthcare by Obama.

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  1. Who is adding the giving up.??I hope its not the Liberals..How much of volunteer work is added on to the total.How is welfare in the states compared to Canada.Is this another gimic to make us feel bad and give more??