Climate Denial

McGuilty is off on another Climate rampage against the amazingly stalling Harperites in Ottawa.

What didn't make the headline is that earlier this month the Province of Ontario's Environment Minister indicated that Ontario will likely miss its own emissions targets.

It's clear that despite Liberal meanderings the emissions targets discussed and only quazy-committed at Copenhagen will never be met.

Now, I refuse to believe that Dalton McGuilty is just some idiot. His government is staffed with some very smart people. And quite frankly many Liberals out there are very successful people.

The reason I bring this up is because, years after the Chretien Liberals signed into Kyoto, Eddie Goldenberg admitted that the Liberals didn't think they would actually meet the targets at the time.

Seeing that the Liberals are not idiots, is it possible that McGuilty's barrage of Canada on the international stage might be motivated by a denial of the basic reality that his province's emission targets are a fantasy? Is this his way of coming up with an excuse?

I refuse to believe that the smart people in McGuilty's government don't know full well that this is all "well wishing." As such I'm forced to conclude that McGuilty and many on the left in this country are lashing out as last desperate attempt to justify themselves in a quickly dying global climate change movement.

They're all in climate denial.

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