Charest's Copenhagen Whining

“Mr. Harper wanted me to say nothing at Copenhagen? Why? Why would I be silent at Copenhagen — I’d say one thing in Quebec and the opposite thing there? Defending Quebec’s position is not working against Canada.."(link)
Why? Because, Mr Premier, quite frankly you're wrong.

The position you took at Copehagen was anti-Albertan, and quite frankly anti-Canadian.

You suggested there was "two Canada's." A Canada consisting of the central provinces pursuing tough objectives for carbon emissions, and Alberta with the west unwilling to meet tough carbon restrictions. This view of Canada pits region against region, with little regard for your neighbors in Confederation.

You are correct there are two Canada's. But the rest of your world is upside down.

There is one Canada of provinces with Conservative leaning governments working diligently to stay out of people's way to be self sufficient, and a Canada with provinces dependent on equalization payments from the other Canada to fund their spending heavy socialist leaning pet projects.

Whining about the Little Red Hen refusing to bake bread quite the way you want to is not productive, it's not the mark of leader, and in the end it's childish.

It's easy for you to critize how the provinces that are keeping this country afloat are running their affairs, but in the end you depend on them to fund your government. So the question I have for you Mr Charest, is with your economy contracting due to your stronger emission targets, just how do you expect to stay afloat by forcing the Little Red Hen's of Canada to follow your economically disastrous policies?

Just what will it take for you to appreciate and work with your fellow Canadians on this file?


  1. Just stop the wealth transfer from Alberta to Quebec, and that will stop the whining very quickly.

  2. I want Quebec federalists, to be sticking up for Alberta and the West, the way we did for them, in 95.
    Charest, has become the most self absorbed ignoramus in Quebec history and that is saying alot. They have produced a few but this drama from the Quebec, 'Prime Minister',(gag)usurps any and all others, including choke and gag, Trudeau.

  3. Good catch.

    He's totally annihilated any chances of running in federal politics ever again - unless he's looking to join the Bloc.