McGuinty the Privatizer?

I must be either dreaming, having a stroke, or experiencing some weird mind altering side effects of a recent caffeine fast because it looks as if the MgGuinty government is "trial balloning" the idea of privatizing Crown assets.

This brings to mind a some quick points:
1) Why the hell didn't we just privatize Hydro One when the Harris Tories first wanted to?

2) McGuinty must be desperate if he's willing to part with that most golden calf of Lefties everywhere - Crown Corporations.

3) Is hell freezing over? Seriously, I can't believe that the health tax Warren Kinsella Ontario Libs would honestly be considering this.

4) Just how does one justify having the state involved in Liquor, Electricity, and gambling?... Sounds less like a benevolent state and more like a Mafia operation.
Bottom line, privatize, privatize, and more privatize McGuinty. Do something right for a change.

Update: McGuilty does a mea culpa. Well, sort of. He denies considering the dirty deed, but admits to studying how the Provincial government can get the "best bang" for its buck... Whatever that means. My guess is some sort of sell off is bound to occur eventually. Even it's just a public offering of stake in a crown corp. It's good news for those of us interested in reducing the size of government.

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