The 100 billion dollar welfare for nerds scheme...

Loose Lipped Program Manager? Or is this as big of a bombshell as I think it is?
"NASA managers are considering suspending U.S. research aboard the International Space Station (ISS) next year in order to save money for the orbital laboratory’s construction, a top program manager said Thursday."

The 100 billion dollar white elephant's whole raison d'etre has just been thrown out the window with that comment. Then what, please tell, will be the purpose of the ISS for that year?

We're told all the time that the ISS is doing crucial space science that will aid the human exploration bit and return to the moon that NASA is supposed to be embarking on. Shouldn't shutting down the science lab then delay human kind's return to the moon?

No. Because the argument is nonsense. We know what we need to get back to the moon already. We don't need to know how old men sag in space, or how mold grows in zero-gee before we return. The ISS is a 100 billion dollar waste of time, and that comment just proves it.

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  1. It won't surprise you that today I called for NASA to be disbanded.