Gibson's human afterall...

Mel Gibson's DUI rampage has been making the rounds in the media/press/cornucopia of Christian bashers.

When the movie "The Passion" was first even rumoured to be released, there was widespread knee-jerk condemnation by most of the enlightened atheistic class of modern society - including the high society intellectuals and Ivory Tower journalists. That was at least my impression.

The reaction by most true Christians was one of elation. Rarely did they ever see a movie about Christianity come out of Hollywood that didn't involve something utterly perverse or completely backwards to traditional Christian beliefs. Christians for the most part, live their lives knowing that the majority of society see them as some sort of social anomally, perhaps the consequence of underfunded government programs, perhaps the cause of backwards base thinking still prevalent in less advanced cultures.

Overnight, Mel Gibson, had become a devout faithfull Christian to Protestants and non-Catholics, and a great Evangelical. Gibson wasn't Catholic we were told, he was a schimatic Catholic involved with other Lefrevre like Vatican II rejects that believe in the traditional latin mass and a host of other now non-Catholic things apparently. No, Gibson was one of "us" non-Catholics we were told.

Once more, traditional so called "neo" or JPII Catholics, went the other direction. They ignored Gibson's dabbling into schimatic Catholic groups, and made Gibson into a Saint. Well all saints were sinners - sometimes spectacularly so.

The truth is that Gibson's Catholicsm is only known by Gibson. Whether he believes the Church still has apostolic succession is something only he knows. Though I happen to believe he is Catholic. But he is as far on the line as he can be without in good conscience putting his mortal soul in danger - though that is just an impression as well. And it could be WRONG.

Now people have woken up to the fact that Gibson is not as perfectly Christian or Catholic as some would believe. He is a sinner in the end - who would have figured?

And now the intellectualite class of civilized Ivory Tower navel gazers are back on the Christian Bashing bandwagon. They are ready to claim that Gibson's remarks prove he is a holocaust denier, and that the film the Passion, and by extension Christianity itself is anti-semetic, racist, bigoted and base.

Of course I haven't seen anyone directly coorelate Christianity with anti-semitism over this affair, but it is no less insinuated in my opinion.

Now Gibson has apologized for those remarks. And now the sincerity of those words are doubted. Keep in mind, Gibson's belief in God, Heaven and hell are pretty well established. He could be like any other Holywood actor and believe that "truth is relative" and make a bunch of baloney to begin with. He didn't. That indicates that if Gibson is lying, and he doesn't rectify it, he believes he will spent the rest of eternity rotting in everlasting hell. I'm thinking that might be a pretty good indication that he's telling the truth.

Then what to make of his comment? Where would such hatred come from? Why Jews?

Well Gibson's past is a good indication of where those comments come from. Gibson's father is a known holocaust denier. Gibson has never denied that to my knowledge - and if I'm wrong someone please correct that statement. The intent here is not to falsely accuse people of anything, but only to point out the fact that Gibson's father has gone on record apparently before with sincerely distorted views surrounding the Jewish people.

Growing up in such an environment must have been difficult for Gibson. More difficult still is loving and respecting his father today. And speaking from personal experience, your entire life you will have the voices of your parents in your head guiding you. It's a natural part of life. They raised you - they are going to have an effect on you.

Gibson no doubt regrets what he said. He knows it's wrong. But in the back of his head I bet he has to deal with his own demons of instilled hate and fear.

Gibson's admitted to and apologized for those anti-semetic comments.

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