The Clown Show Files XIV

Seems like no one wants to be a Liberal anymore:
" 'The number of memberships that are going to come in are certainly going to be much reduced from last time around,' she predicted."

"Swartman said that means Martin's successor will be chosen by 'longtime Liberal party members' rather than masses of new recruits or the so-called instant Liberals."

Why who would have figured that billion dollar scandals, money laundering, and arrogance would be the poison pill for any political party?...

Though there is something for Liberals to hold on to in all of this. The lack of fresh new insta-Liberals, means that this race will be decided by true red Liberals. You know, the guy that would have sold his soul for Pierre Elliot Trudeau...

On a serious note it is true that in Canadian politics, the ever infamous "membership drive" is usually much more of a membership "dilluter." Instead of actually trying to persuade regular everyday party members that they will represent the ideals of said party, candidates for leadership bring in members that are all about Paul Martin, or Belinda Stronach, or whoever else is running... Give those members 6 months and they will have deserted the party once their man either looses or wins.

At the end of the day, the party really is those "longtime" members that are there through thick and thin. They are the ones that volunteer come E-day. They are the ones that actually know something about politics.

And they are the ones that should be deciding who the leader of any political party is. Afterall, they are the ones that need to be united around him.

So, that is at least something that Liberals can take respite in... Though in the end, the whole Liberal movement in Canada is caputs so believe whatever you want Stephen Harper could be PM for a very long time.

The Clown Show Files XIII

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