Don't say the "P-word"...

Robert Bigelow's inflatable space hotel dreams are coming closer to reality with yesterday's successfull launch:
"The Genesis I spacecraft lifted off from Russia's southern Ural Mountains at 6:53 p.m. Moscow time aboard a Dnepr rocket converted from a Cold War ballistic missile, according to the Russian Strategic Missile Forces. It reached its designated orbit about 320 miles above Earth minutes after liftoff and was expected to start the inflation process later Wednesday..."

"'We're ecstatic. We're just elated,' Bigelow said in a telephone interview from Las Vegas. 'We have a sense of being on a great adventure.'

Anyone feel like spending a week in an inflatable space hotel that could POP at any moment?

I wonder how they'll manage to wiggle around that slight concern that no doubt the first "visitors" would have... My thinking is it won't matter all that much.

If you're willing to take a rocket ride over Mach 20 to an environment that could make your blood boil if you didn't live inside a tin can, I think you're willing to chance living in a woven kevlar bubble for the experience...

Atleast I would be.

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