The Clown Show Files XV - It's Volpe Vs Kennedy

Ok not quite. The article is mostly fluff.

But the idea is an interesting one. What happens, if when it comes down to the wire, the main contenders are Volpe and Kennedy?

It's like Darth Vader and Bill Clinton's long lost Canadian love child are sparring off in a Liberal leadership race.

Volpe, I'm not going to lie, scares the living daylights out of me. He's ill tempered and I know it. I can imagine him bombing Alberta to smithereens or something if he became "Le Chef."

Kennedy is a lot more of a serious leadership candidate. And certainly he's a lot more of a threat to Harper's Tories. Kennedy is cleaner than most in the liberal leadership Clown Show, but he's still got all that "McGuilty" provincial Liberal baggage to bring along with him.

My bet's on Ignatieff still. I think all of Volpe's signups will disappear misteriously from the country before the vote claiming refugee status in foreign countries out of fear of the "mad dictator Volpe." And as for Special K, he doesn't have the brand name power in this race that I think he needs to make it to the end.

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