What good leaders do...

There some things that people do... Well they just speak for themselves:
" 'Because of the seriousness of the situation and our relative proximity to Cyprus, we have decided to take the Canadian Forces aircraft we have been travelling on to help airlift evacuees back home,' Harper said in a statement. 'The aircraft will be stripped down to a skeleton staff.' "

How many world leaders would turn their private jet into a refugee transport?... Not many I would think.


  1. ...and imagine how much this just saved us taxpayers! Someone memo the GG...

  2. And...how many world leaders, if they decided to do this, would kick the press off the plane first?

  3. "Media travelling with the prime minister have been bumped to commercial flights for their return home to Canada...."

    Apparently Harper did kick them off the plane...

    Hmmm... He might have done us all some good by leaving them stranded in Lebanon... Just kidding!