Dead guy jokes...

Ever hear of the story of the truck driver that manages to smash a little sedan in stone dead traffic? I think this tops it:
"A bizarre accident in which a man was struck by his own parked car was one of four motor vehicle accidents on P.E.I. over the weekend."

It's like the twilight zone has descended down on PEI.
"On Friday night a Nova Scotia man was buying gas in Hampshire, west of Charlottetown, when a vehicle that was turning onto Route 9 lost control. It jumped a grass median and drove into the parking lot at the country store. The car hit the Nova Scotia vehicle, which lurched forward and hit the owner."

If I gotta go to the great beyond by reason of a car hitting me, it better be a full blown collision, none of this parked car nonsense... Not that I have a choice mind you, but can you imagine beind dead, surrounded by dead people, and one dead guy asks the other dead guy "I died in a explosion, how did you die?"

First dead guy says "Cancer."

Second dead guy says "Drunk driver ran me over."

Third dead guy says "Congenital Heart Failure."

Then it comes to you and you say "I was run over by a parked car..."

If spirits can laugh, that would be a knee slapper.

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