Watch Out For Mercer

Rick Mercer, the comedian, is out to destroy Harper by turning him into a national joke. He's doing a tour throughout the summer to talk to conservatives across the country supposedly to run for the leadership of the party. Mercer's in the closet conservative bashing humour knows no bounds.

Mercer was legendary for his gag against former leader Stockwell Day and the old Canadian Alliance's Citizen's initiated referendum policy. The policy would allow a national referendum to occur if a certain percentage of the population signed a petition asking for one on a particular question. The vote would not be binding, and would require the motion to be ratified by parliament. Apparently Mercer doesn't believe that letting the people have a say in contentious issues in a national referenda is a good idea. No, populism is evil to Rick Mercer. So he started a campaign to get Stockwell Day's name changed to "Doris Day" by getting Canadians to sign on online petition. The gag was a classic. And it destroyed Stockwell Day at a time when he didn't already need someone else to make even more of a joke out of him than the national media had already made him.

Finally someone has responded with this site. We need to watch out for Mercer. He's a Liberal. And he's funny. And he's dangerous. Stop laughing people - because Mercer's not laughing with us, he's laughing at us.

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