Dion's Compassion

Dion's latest:
"I think the PQ tradition is to be too harsh about their leaders. They are very quick to say that their difficulties are coming from their leaders..."

"Mr. Boisclair should not take everything on his shoulder like that..."

"The main difficulty is the cause, the cause of separatism..."

This is something I've noticed far too much from Canadian Left wingers: feigned compassion.

You know the word compassion comes from the words "suffering" and "with." Literally "compassion" means suffering-with.

Here Mr Dion acts as if he suffers with Mr Boisclair's poor leadership woes and attempts to comfort poor Boisclair by saying "it's not you."

Then in a cold calculated move his emphatically adds "it's your cause..."

That patronistic self serving arrogance behind that comment is unbelievable. It's as if Dion believes he is better than the seperatists, because poor them they just aren't enlightened enough.

Dion could have easily just said "seperatists are too hard on their leaders" and not take a parting shot at Boisclair before he left. Bringing up "his cause" as the source of problem was not compassionate or loving - it was stick to the chest.

There's a time to attack, and there's a time to show respect. When your opponent is on the way out you don't attack. Usually a principled gentlemen would let his opponent bow out gracefully. No wonder Quebequers almost turned to seperatism time and time again - look at the proponents of federalism and how they behave!

Dion instead took the "snake in a teddy bear" approach and slowly slithered in wearing a teddy bear suit, seeming harmless and even playfull, until he gets close enough that you can see the tail sticking out the back end - but by then it's too late.

True compassion is all but lost in this world. The Dion's in this planet knowingly or unknowlingly have killed it.

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