Why Sicko?

I have only two points to bring up about Micheal Moore's new film "Sicko":

1)Canadian wait times for basic health care are out of this world.

2)Canada has been experiencing a labour shortage of health care professionals for years as Canadian doctors have fled to the US attracted to lower taxes and a health care system that doesn't negate the concept of individual initiative and responsibility.

We have corrupt administrative officials that swallow any increases in cash the government floods into the system, and refuses to do the right thing and hire new bodies.

The Canadian system is superior to the US? My stinkin' eye.

Even the McGuinty Liberals in Ontario are reforming the public non-profit health care system in a way no one quite realizes how significant.

It's becoming more American. The new structure resembles a well hated system down in the Yankee south: HMO's.

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  1. In 2001 The US Census Bureau did a study that in the USA about 94% of people living below the poverty line responmded that they had no unmet need for a doctor.
    Wonder what it is in Canada?
    Wonder if Moore ever presents facts?