The War On Guns

The War On Guns is clearly afoot as Miller and McGuinty jockey like a pack of blood thirsty socialists to take advantage of Toronto's latest school gun shooting.

David Miller:

"Handguns have one purpose and that is to kill and it really reinforces what we've been saying for quite a while at the city..."

"We absolutely have to get the guns off the streets. It's going to require some changes to our laws but it has to be done."

Dalton McGuinty:

"Handguns are designed for one purpose only – to shoot people – and should have no place in Ontario or anywhere in Canada."

It's amazing how it's no longer social ills, an immoral society, or a lax justice system that is the cause of crime - it's all guns.

It's the guns stupid. Only an idiot would think otherwise. It doesn't matter that crime existed before guns. Guns are evil.

Oh but this gun bashing extravaganza gets better with this quasi-statist comment from Ontario's Attorney General:

"There's got to be a balance between people's property rights and personal responsibilities to others..."

What the honourable attorney is of course suggesting is that too many property rights lead to people not taking "personal responsibility" for said property. I would argue the opposite. Too little property rights lead to people not giving a damn about the property they use. If we regulated firearms the way we regulate public parks people wouldn't care where they dump their guns 'cuz it aint their responsibility - it's the State's. They don't own the property. It's the big ol' gov that owns it, so let them take care of it.

Just as people litter and waste on public property, they would have just the same lack of care when it comes hand guns. Getting the state to "take care of it" is exactly how we negate individual responsibility.

What's worse is the Honourable Premier's suggestion that "the only reason" someone could ever possibly own a handgun is to shoot someone.

If it smells like horse manure, if it looks like horse manure, if it even tastes like horse manure it probably is horse manure. And in this instance the Premier's comments have a foul stench.

People collect hand guns for pleasure. They use them for target practice like a sport. Those are all valid reasons to own a hand gun.

What's worse is that it's as if the Honourable Premier can't think of the most basic reason to own a gun: self defence.

Hand guns are light and easy to transport. They don't necessarily act as the most accurate weapons but they are not dependant on your physical strength to operate them and they can turn the most weak person into someone capable of capably defending themselves from an attacker.

Women in particular stand to benefit the most from the use of handguns. But in today's climate of defeatism it is impossible for the right to self-defense to even exist. Even pepper spray is banned in this country. Here is a perfectly harmless weapon that is primarily of use to the weakest and most vulnerable in society and we can't see it fit to allow people to use it?

Further I wonder why the more obvious conclusion hasn't hit anyone about this shooting:

Currently, handguns in Canada are classified as either restricted or prohibited weapons. Canadians can receive a licence to own a restricted weapon if they can prove it's part of a gun collection or used for target practice or target-shooting competitions.

Only under "limited circumstances" can a person possess a restricted firearm for employment purposes, such as for a police officer, or for protection of a life.

Under the heavy restrictions and prohibitions we already had this shooting still happened. What makes us think that by banning hand guns we'll have any more success?

And then starts the US bashing... Because no debate is ever completed by a Liberal unless he bashes the US somehow:

"We know that there's two sources of guns used in Toronto: one is guns that are stolen from collectors, and the other is guns that come from the U.S. ..."

"The U.S. has to take some real steps, otherwise we're going to keep seeing tragedies. ... I mean, a 15-year-old boy. You know it's absolutely tragic."

A child was killed.

Violence was done.

A family is in tatters.

Once were done blaming inanimate objects, foreign countries that we don't like, and a federal government barely in power two years then we can start focusing on what will really work to prevent this crime: Installing camera's and metal detectors in schools.

No one likes to admit it or say it, but that's the reality of the situation. Teenagers today kill. They kill regardless if they get a handgun from another country, regardless if they had to break prohibitions, and regardless of what any politician may say or do.

Yes, western civilization today is that bad.

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