When Science Fiction Guides Space Exploration

I really sincerely hope that they had better reasons to examine 40 Eridani than the lure of finding "Vulcan":
NASA's upcoming planet-finding mission SIM PlanetQuest will scan the star system 40 Eridani for signs of a habitable planet.

If found, that planet would be the real-life counterpart of the fictional planet of "Vulcan," well-known in the "Star Trek" universe as the home of Admiral (formerly Mr.) Spock and the entire Vulcan race.

The Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) PlanetQuest, which is overseen by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California and slated to launch in 2015, is an orbiting interferometer that will link a pair of telescopes to function as a much larger "virtual telescope."

Wake up people. Vulcan isn't real. Spock isn't real. It was a TV show. A great TV Show and great SF - but it was a TV show all the same.

This constant need people have of projecting SF show story lines onto real life stretches even to naming deadly asteroids.

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  1. Check out Season 2 of the early 60's Sci-fi show The Outer Limits.

    William Shatner appears in a episode called "cold hands, warm heart" where he is a Astronaut space traveller for "Project Vulcan" which looks for life on planets close to earth .

    Leonard Nemoy appears in "I,Robot" where he's a reporter
    for this Frankienstein plot to judge the Robot as a monster that harmed a little girl that he though was in danger of drowning.
    Nemoy also is in a episode where there is a issue with radio-active material and later on he offers to go into the chamber and save the day by handling the material and risking his life , gee , sounds like the Star Trek Movie where Spock did exactly that and was left on a planet in a black coffin .

    James Doohan appears as well in "Expanding Human" ( with Don Herrin who is so young you might miss him until he speaks to give away the voice link ) and the Doctor Doohan is investigating is played by Roy Homeier who was the Nazi SS leader in Star Trek where Spock and Kirk wore Nazi outfits
    to make contact will Captain Gill who was drugged up to make speaches on TV after his utopia collapsed when the Super-race found a enemy scapegoat to unite the State .

    One really odd link to Martin Sheen and Outer Limits is that he played the same role in part of Apocalyps Now where he is a soldier
    that meets a Commander that mentally tortures him by isolation in a confined area until he breaks , Marlon Brando did that to Sheen and in both cases Sheen was screaming as he finally snapped .

    George Takai also appears as a sword wielding Samuri that becomes posessed by the ghost that is legended to be part of the sword history.
    Remember his Star Trek fencing attacks when he was posessed and had a epee he used in the halls of the ship.

    Sometimes reality imitates fiction while fiction can imitate fiction as a new idea.