Sue This!

There should be a saying "If someone sues, it's because they can't win an argument." Litigation is truly today's beating rod of injustice.

Case #1: Warren Kinsella. That man seems to threaten litigation at the slightest sign of criticism. (Disclaimer: I in no means mean to suggest that Warren Kinsella has in the past or will act in the future like a putz by pursuing unfounded legal action against political opponents and any suggestion that this disclaimer is intended to cover my butt against any scary former unnamed Liberal strategists is baseless.)

Case #2:

Friends of the Earth, one of the country's major environmental groups, has filed a lawsuit against the federal government for failing to live up to the obligations of the Kyoto Protocol, alleging that breaking the international treaty also violates Canada's pollution laws.

But the court action is a legal long shot, according to some observers, who say the suit will put the Conservatives on the defensive over climate change, but has little chance of succeeding.

Instead of trying to persuade the government of the moral superiority of their argument in the climate change debate they resort to baseless legal actions.

If you want to threaten someone the easiest way is to hire a lawyer. Now in this case the end effect isn't a serious. Stephen Harper has the apparatus of the Conservative Party behind him to help him out. He doesn't have much to worry about except this case's effect on public opinion.

I can't tell you the number of times in politics I've heard one person threaten to sue another person over petty useless things. Especially among Conservatives.

Please do the world a favour - use reasoned rational debate to prove your points. The justice system should be used to provide justice to the truly oppressed. Not as a means of dispute resolution for cry babies.


  1. Calm down. I only sue when people slime my family, or try and impair my ability to earn a living.

    What's your blog logo mean?

  2. It's supposed to be a play on William Tell...

    Instead of the arrow through the apple it's a rocket because of my anti-government in space penchant.

    I'm what they call an "alt space" proponent. The logo fits me.