When You Haven't Suffered Enough...

It's your God given right to suffer more:
“I always like to be underestimated,” says the premier who made national history tonight when he became first-ever NDP leader in Canada to win three straight provincial races.

Doer's NDP captured 36 seats, stealing one from Hugh McFadyen's Conservatives, who managed only 19, and holding the ever-aspiring Jon Gerrard-led Liberals to a repeat pair.

The NDP stole a huge seat with a Sharon Blady win in the Kirkfield Park riding — which has been PC blue since its inception in 1981 — and also in Southdale, where veteran Tory Jack Reimer was ousted by journalist-turned-politician Erin Selby.

The newly crowned repeat premier says winning ridings like Kirkfield and Southdale make his victory all the sweeter. “We're changing the face of Manitoba. It's really important for a political party to change all the time,” Doer says. “I'm really proud that with the calibre we've elected that we're changing the future.”

Socialism has won big in Manitoba.

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