Liberal Kyoto Confessions

Courtesy Goldenberg:

OTTAWA–Eddie Goldenberg, one of former prime minister Jean Chrétien's top aides, says the Liberals went ahead with the Kyoto Protocol on climate change even though they knew there was a good chance Canada wouldn't meet its goals for pollution reduction.

Public opinion was behind the government when it signed the Kyoto Protocol in 1998 and then formally ratified it after a parliamentary debate in 2002, says Goldenberg.

But he doubts Canadians were "then immediately ready for some of the concrete implementation measures that governments would have to take to address the issue of climate change.

"Nor was the government itself even ready at the time with what had to be done," he said in a speech prepared for delivery to the Canadian Club of London, Ont. "The Kyoto targets were extremely ambitious and it was very possible that short-term deadlines would at the end of the day have to be extended."

"We knew that signing and ratifying Kyoto when we did was absolutely necessary to prepare public opinion for the actions that would have to come in the future," he says.

Let's all remember that confession to the truth when 2012 comes around and everyone blames the Conservatives for failing to meet our Kyoto objectives.

The Liberal logic here is just startling. The accord was unrealistic, Canadians weren't ready for the changes it would bring, neither was the government, and the goals would not even be met - yet we sign into it anyway?

Why? Because we needed to prepare public opinion.

We Canadians need to be prepared and herded along apparently. Canucks are too STUPID to be told the truth according to the previous Liberal regime.

It's that type of logic here that I will never be able to comprehend. It's permanently going to get me labeled as a "Climate Denier" I'm sure. But I'd rather speak the truth when it comes to the fantasy that is Kyoto rather than delude myself into believing these lies.

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