Ralph Klein wants to give advice?

Ralph Klein just seems to know what are the right buttons to push with me:

"I believe some of the things he's done are good... but his relationship with the media is not all it should be," the Alberta premier said Thursday following a closed-door speech on energy policy in Toronto.

Klein said Harper should be more like him and make himself more available to the nation's media corps.

''I accommodate the media. I was in the media. I know that it's nothing that I say that's going to get the media attention. It's always the reaction.''

It's amazing that the man that's shown about as much media savyy as Joe Volpe shows pleasantness on a pale dark night wants to give Stephen Harper advice?

This man was singled out as one of the main reasons why Harper lost that first election as leader of the Conversatives.  His comments on private healthcare musing about what he would do if the Conservatives won proved disastrous.  Now there were other events that happened that no doubt contributed to the Conservative downfall in that final week, but Klein's contribution can't be denied.

And he wants to talk about media relations?  He might want to try shutting his mouth in front of the media everyonce and while quite frankly - it would do himself and Harper a world of good.

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