The Clown Show Files XVII

What a week in the liberal leadership clown show.

The leading clown, a Harvard brat named Iggy, got into some hot water over some remarks about Israel committing war crimes. He was condemned. One of his organizers left in protest. The PM had some fun calling Liberals anti-Zionist, and Iggy decided to go to the holy land to clear up things.

The damage control strategy continues with Iggy's team trying a little known maneuver called the "gutless looser." A "gutless looser" is when you start launching out accusations at other people in an attempt to deflect attention from your bad doings.

So onward with accusations that Clown Rae's delegates are frauds from BC. What is it with BC and Quebec anyway? Can anyone have a leadership race without anamolies in those provinces? But that's not the half of the strategy. Not only are Rae's delegates frauds they "...are the uncurable poisoned fruit of fraudulent activity, which the Rae campaign should not be entitled to benefit from."

Wow. Add namecalling to the strategy.

Clown Rae's counter strategy? Use Frank Graves. Always use Frank Graves:
"OTTAWA—Bob Rae is the favourite among Canadians to lead the Liberals..."

"'What we are seeing is that Canadians' perception of who is most electable is being influenced by media coverage and the race for delegates, which Ignatieff is winning,' said EKOS president Frank Graves."

"'The post-election `honeymoon' that lifted Tory support tantalizingly close to majority territory seems to be waning, and the Liberals are closing ground,' said Graves."

Sometimes I think that man could come up with a poll proving that pigs can fly.

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