The Clown Show Files XVI

The results are in. Apparently Liberals like Harvard snotty nosed brats -er- I mean egghead politicians that after barely a few seconds in the Great White North want to be crowned the big cheese:
"I feel I will be gaining support in the coming months," he said.

Ignatieff was asked where he will get his support, considering his differences with some members of the party on issues such as his support for the war in Iraq and the mission in Afghanistan.

Ignatieff replied that people are drawn to candidates "who put out ideas clearly."

So would those clear ideas include the one about torturing Iraqi detainees? Or what about the clarity of his intentions to run as a Liberal next time if he looses?

Something isn't clear about his clarity.

"I don't think there is resistance to me in Ontario," Rae said, noting that there are a lot of candidates in the province and that his own campaign had started late.


That's one helluva statement.

You could make a good argument that's that one is comparable to saying "Ontarians like locusts," or "Give me cyanide anyday!"

Who knows? He might be right. People do forget horrible years and insane deficit spending.
Kennedy acknowledged there were regions where he needed to grow his support, but felt he had established a solid base from which to do so.

"What I like about my prospects is everywhere I've been known — for example, in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta, where I've been able to get known to the delegates —we've had a tremendous outcome," he said.

If obviousness was electable, Kennedy would be first.

"Dahhhh- where people actually know who I am I do better." Well I guess he had to say something to keep the troops going.

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  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Commie Bob, latest Liberal hopeful to pee all over himself.