The Clown Show Files XVII

I can't believe it, but I agree with Bob Rae.  In response to being called "dumb" he had this to say:

...Rae said he was well aware of the ''bad things'' people say about him, but stopped short of dignifying Klein's comments with a direct response.

''I can't quite figure out why he'd say that,'' ...

Neither can I.  Neither can the rest of Canada.  Calling Bob Rae dumb, is well... not bright to put it midly.  He's shown poor judgement yes, but namecalling aint kosher.  King Ralph is yet to be tumbled out the back alley of political retirement but he seems to continuously want to make bad everywhere he goes.

But despite the harsh economic times, Rae said he was proud of his government for saving the Dehavilland plant in Downsview, the UTDC rail car plant in Thunder Bay and the Algoma steel mill in Sault Ste. Marie, as well as building the Princess Margaret Hospital and establishing the Trillium drug care plan.

Because you know, when people here the name "Bob Rae" there immediate thought is that UTDC rail car plant in Thunder Bay... oh UTDC rail plant!  Where would be without you!

Rae said he's learned from those experiences, which is why he's not making sweeping promises he may not be able to keep and making economic prosperity a key focus of his political platform.

I find the Rae teams whole strat to be really interesting here.  The main message he's trying to stress is that he's a "learned" politician. That's an obvious contrast attempt to "you know who"  (Insert the name of a politically inexperienced harvard brat running in the Liberal leadership race here).

Then he stresses the economic platform of balanced budgets and tax cuts.  The question is will Bob Rae's attempts to calmn the jitters over his commitment to fiscal sanity be believed?  Can Liberals buy it?

Who knows in this clown show.

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  1. x2para5:03 PM

    Bob Rae isn't dumb, he's just another dangerous, conservative hating, pompous, tax and spend socialist and the thought of him as PM is truly terrifying