Doesn't CUPE have better things to do?

Than fight for an outdated, leftist dominated, clearly biased court challenges program?

This quote is a killer:
The Court Challenges Program, created in 1978, provides funds to support test cases of national significance to clarify the constitutional rights of official language minorities, and the right of everyone in Canada to live free from discrimination based on sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, and other similar grounds...

Like religion for instance? Or is that not kosher anymore? Everyone agrees that fighting for someone's constitutional rights is a noble goal, but sometimes it seems that there are many that have such a narrow view of those rights. Something is only right if it benefits me. It doesn't quite work that way. That line seems to overlook that simple often forgotten right.

Two thumbs up to the PM and a heap of Irish dancers to the Flaherty for killing the CCP. CUPE should know when its lost a fight.


  1. Jason, I just added you to my blogburst list.

    Very good point about religion being distinctly missing as a right that they are concerned about.

    People need to write or call their MP's and let them know they are happy that this travesty of democracy is on its way out.

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I've been thinking... there's any number of things I'd like to see challenged in the courts. Can I get funding for my ideas?

    Idea #1 - Anyone who murders an individual with dependent children, in addition to jail, should be forced to provide child support for said children in the same way a divorced parent would be obligated. If the homicidal individual was previously set free by the National Parole Board, said fiduciary duty will also be imposed on any & all moonbats who released the stipulated thug.

    If the miscreant in question can't come up with the cash, we confiscate all his possessions & put a lifetime "murderer lien" on anything he owns, or ever hopes to own, in this lifetime.

  3. Don't forget that the CCP was made a not-for-profit organization under Chretian's government, making it free from accountability under the Access to Information Act. Meaning they can do whatever they want and fund whatever they want without the public finding out. No accountability whatsoever!