Garth: Suck it up, Get over it

Now this is like the pot calling the kettle black:
"I think he's [Stephen Harper] evil to the extent that he's doing something without point, and it seems to be just to mess around a political opponent..." - Garth Turner's reaction to being evicted from his Tory office for joining the Liberals.
Doing something "without point" would be to join the Liberal party because you couldn't abide by the party platform you got elected on for goodness sake. Doing something "without point" would be blabbering to the media about how you will resist being evicted from an office you have no right to stay in anymore.

Garth suck it up already, and get over it. Dion's Liberals get allocated a certain number of offices for a reason. You can't blame your fellow colleagues for turfing you, when you spent all your time and effort trying to undermine them can you?


  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Jay Hill was right , Garth chose to remove himself from the Conservatives offices when he crossed the floor. Had he remained a Independant , he could have kept his office . Now he has to eat , drink , and sleep , and yes , share his office space with Liberals.

    By the way , can someone pull out that soother and give him a bootle of milk , or maybe cuddle him for a while, He may need to be burbed or something. Do you think that maybe Stephans Mudder can elp im wit dat.

  2. Garth has resorted to using words like EVIL when describing someone else. He is that petty and my brain is still trying to get around his circus like attention getting addiction.