Suck it up, Get over it...

Confessions of a Liberal Mind goes into this rant this morn' :
"Last weekend, I happened to be out canvassing with some friends in one of the by-elections. And to my horror I heard some anti-abortion ad on Edge 102.1 while driving to a poll. We were all totally shocked that they would air such a one sided anti abortion ad. These types of ads have no place on the air, especially when aimed at a teenagers. It was a very high pressure ad, and I felt totally inappropriate for children's ears during the day. Have these anti-choice people have no common sense?"
We don't live in a police state. And, although the CRTC sometimes acts like a modern thought police squad, we are still allowed to express whatever opinion we want on the air waves the last time I checked.

Now I haven't heard this ad myself. It's more than well possible that it was extreme and inappropriate. But this blogger offers no reasons why he finds the ad "inappropriate" except that it's "anti-abortion." So unless this ad called pro-choice people the demon spawn from hell, or accused people of being Nazies the problem lies with the blogger not with the ad.

Confession of a Liberal Mind, would you have the same opinion if the situation were reversed and this were a pro-choice ad? I don't know you, but somehow I think you wouldn't.

So I say this fully well knowing I hated it when other people told me this but I think you need to hear it: "Suck it up, and get over it."

You don't like the ad? So what? I don't like pro-choice ads. It doesn't give me the right to drive them off the air. I'm more than willing to hear a differing opinions. The question is are you?


  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    The Blooger is right , and the offended party is wrong .
    The offended one has no commen sence. Your conclusion is that murdering babies is OK with teenagers and the public at large. You claim you are pro choice , but your actions give the baby NO CHOICE. It's OK to publically defend permiscuity and murder , but do not dare defend life , morallity ,compassion or humanity. You do not care for the long terem health of teenagers who will experience depression in their lives stemming from abortion , and the killing of human beings.

    Your the same crowd that pretends to care about human rights, until we actually do something about it , and defend woman and childrens liberties in Afghanistan. Oh , no , we should let the Saddam Hussein's , the Osama Bin Ladens , the Ahjmadinejads of this world threaten everyone with their Tyranny.

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    CFNY has got balls, that's impressive in this day and age of cowardice.