Go Arrow! Go!

The Arrow is still alive after all...
"HALIFAX — NASA is acknowledging that a Canadian-designed spacecraft is a 'potentially viable idea' to carry passengers and cargo from a Cape Breton launch pad to its international space station."

"The space agency issued a release Thursday saying it has signed an agreement with PlanetSpace Inc. to share some technical information as the firm attempts to develop a rocketship in the next three years."

The funny thing is that Geoff Sheerin may have done more in the last 5 years to further develop Canadian space exploration through his Arrow/PlanetSpace initiative than the Canadian Space Agency has done... well ever.

The CSA seems to push for two things over and over when it comes to space policy: robotic exploration, and space science. The whole concept of TRUE space exploration seems laking... You know the type of space exploration that focuses on getting humans up there? Space colonies? Space vehicle research?

They should be asking themselves the question "What can we do to spur the innovation required to get private individuals into space?" Quite frankly sometimes that means they need to get out of the way of private companies.

If the Conservatives want a real space policy, they should look no further than the Canadian Arrow/Planet Space for inspiration.

Imagine if the first private company that manages to securely send space tourists into orbit is a Canadian one launching out of Novia Scotia?

Maybe it aint likely, but sure is a romantic idea...

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