Strange Lights...

Strange lights are appearing in the skies...

More UFO craziness from just about everyone. The sad part about all of this is that so many will conclude that these are "alien beings..."

Because, you know, the more boring answer that it's just some military project that no one can report on is just an impossibility. How many times have we heard that the military is years ahead of the rest of us in terms of tech?

Oh but it's just impossible for it to have been anything of the sort. Conspiracy theories are just that: theories. They can't be disproved which gives them life. It's far better in my opinion to go through life believing not in what can't be disproved, but rather, what can rationally proven.

Leaving that aside I have to say I take the alarmist side when it comes to the concept of alien beings visiting earth.

First of all we must assume that the alien life is hundreds if not thousands of years more advanced than us since they managed to traverse the great expanse of space - something us pink-skins haven't managed to do yet.

So a more advanced civilization decides to make contact with us? We're like Indians to them, while they're like the Europeans. And that tale didn't end so well did it? It would be better for them to just leave us alone.

You better hope these UFO's aren't the real deal. If they are I don't think we'll offer much of a resistance. But I've said that so much already on this blog I feel like I'm going a little bit nutso.


  1. Think of the bright side - we'll be able to suck billions of dollars out of them for generations, sue them for putting us in residential schools,etc.
    Bring em on

  2. *
    Apparently 43% of Globe readers believe that global warming is solely a man-made phenomena...

    My question would be... are these folks a subset of the 47% of Globe readers who believe in flying saucers?


  3. How many of us survive depends on whether they're carrying diseases or not.

    In New Zealand, where European colonization didn't start until after smallpox vaccine was invented, there are more Maori than there were before contact.