Of Fatties, Darth Vader and Oil Sands Attacks...

The Dion Liberals seem to want to attract controversy lately. Apparently Dion didn't see anything inappropriate about making light of the Prime Minister's weight.

"My successor, maybe Mr. Harper will have the opportunity to lose his overweight now because we have this exercise room."

Sticks and stones... Sticks and stones...

Comparisons to Harper making fun of Dion's "dog" are a farce within themselves. Dion's dog is "climate change."

And apparently anyone who questions the predominant theories on climate change for exaggerations is now a "climate denier"...

I wonder if "climate deniers" will eventually be targeted under hate crimes legislation. Horrible climate hating me.

Oh but the Dion lead Liberals had this tidbit to dish out on the oil sands possibly turning their seat count to negative territory in the Alberta heartland:
"We need to stabilize the oils sands. We are not going to allow companies to exploit that resource, to pump it out as fast as you can and give it to the Americans and blow out our emissions targets." - Ajax Pickering MP Mark Holland, Charles Adler Online

Why do Liberals always talk about the need to "stabilize"? What they really mean is they need to "control." It's all about meddling to the Liberal party of Canada, or ignoring if the case need be. I'll rejoice the day I hear a Liberal party member exclaim we need to "back off!"

But the attacks keep on rolling in, this time from the National Post to Mario Dumont:
"Is he or is he not morphing into Maurice Duplessis, Quebec's premier for much of the 1930s, '40s and '50s, in the way that Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader in Revenge of the Sith?"

Darth Vader? Star Wars? Wow, some reporters have absolutely nothing smart to say these days do they?

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