Light in the dark for Virgin Galactic...

Apparently they've made $20 mil so far just in pre-launch ticket sales:
"Wincer said the number of sold tickets is 'approaching 200,' of which at least 100 have paid the full $200,000. The remainder have paid deposits."
That's cold hard cash. Space tourism doesn't seem so nutso after all...


  1. the hypocrite4:09 PM

    what was that recent story about Richard Branson going all Gaia and offering $25 million to save the world from CO2 . . . and how does it square this circle of rocket ships that generate HUGE amounts of GhG's just for the vanity of a few wealthy people.

    Shame on you Mr. Branson, maybe we should all boycott you and your businesses until you stop polluting Gaia with sensational, unnecessary, polluting trips for a few earth expoiters.

  2. That's actually part of the problem I see Virgin Galactic has gotten snared into.

    VG's PR people have been talking about using a more "enviro-friendly" rocket engine than what was used on Burt Rutan's successful Space Ship One.

    The amount of pollution caused a few rocket jaunts is nothing to be concerned about as far as I'm concerned. Also I worry that a major re-hatching of the design at this stage could have unintentional consequences later on.

    They seem to have the ticket sales they need, the question is will they be able to actually built something and start flying tourists? Hopefully their eco-fanatitism won't blind them to a good and safe design.