Oh Dion... How you doth annoy me....

Dion the confused speaks!
" Dion reiterated Liberal opposition to the idea of electing senators without simultaneously opening the Constitution to reform other aspects of the upper chamber, particularly the under-representation of western provinces."
That's like saying "I oppose universal suffrage unless we abolish slavery..."

Both need to be done. Just because one is done however does not preclude the other from being done.

I can't understand the logic that Dion is using here. Either you support electing senators or you don't. The attachment of conditions is usually done as an attempt to scuttle the argument instead of trying to clearly and openly debate the issue.

Just what is Mr. Dion afraid of?


  1. "I can't understand the logic that Dion is using here."

    Huh? :? How can you not? The upper chamber is the Grits' little failsafe mechanism. If they get the boot from power, they can still rely on their flunkies to stymie anything they don't like (such the FAA), all the while moaning that the party in power "isn't doing anything."

    They want the Senate just the way it is because an ELECTED senate would be a HUGE nail in the Librano$' party coffin...

  2. "Huh? :? How can you not?"

    I guess my sarcastic tone doesn't exactly come through on blog posts...