Abortion On The Agenda?

Maurice Vellacott seems to think so.  Being vindicated over his comments on the link between Abortion and breast cancer seems to have given him a second wind.

The real travesty here is that this issue has become verboten for anyone in the Conservative Party to even speak of.  It has literally become so poisonous that MP's apparently now can make legitimate comments on health risks associated with the "A-word" and the sky literally seems to fall.  I expect the shackles that stretch all the way to the PMO will yank a bit as a result.

It can't be spoken about.  It can't be debated.  It's the elephant in the room but no one can speak of it.


  1. Go Maurice, I wish my MP had the same guts as you do!

  2. I think this issue needs to be addressed in terms of supplying women with all the information and then allowing them to make the choices for themselves.

    We've gone so far to the left on this subject in Canada that we seem even fearful of telling the truth about all the risks.

    But I don't see the actual abortion issue itself being on the agenda.