As Stelmach attempts to quench the flames in Alberta, I can't help but reflect on the motives of these Wildrose Defectors...

"Rob Anderson and Heather Forsyth were elected as Progressive Conservatives and now need to seek a mandate as Wildrose Alliance members from the voters in their respective constituencies," Mr. Mason said in a statement issued Tuesday.

Mr. Mason suggests the MLAs should resign their seats and run in byelections.

Mr. Anderson and Ms. Forsyth said Monday they do not plan to resign their seats because byelections would be too expensive.

Mr. Mason is not the only politician raising the question. On Monday, Calgary-Egmont Conservative MLA Jonathan Denis noted Mr. Anderson and Ms. Forsyth both support the idea of recall legislation, which would allow constituents to dismiss their representatives through a series of petitions.

Failing to take the decision to cross the floor back to voters is inconsistent, Denis said.
It's so nice that these defectors have chosen to avoid costing their constituents the extravagant amounts of money some puny bi-elections would cost.

I have to say, as a former victim of defections, having experienced what it's like to have your guy changing colours at the 11th hour... well... It doesn't feel nice.

I'm buoyed at the prospect of the Wildrose Alliance being successful out in Alberta. The Red Tories currently in control out in Conservative country have run amok quite frankly, and a right wing alternative I think is sorely needed there.

However these defectors have shown a lack of professionalism and good sense by these actions. They always had the option to sit as independents until the next election, or to go straight to a bi-election to settle the issue.

They have further cemented the view that politicians are doomed to always lie or at least to have a propensity to change their minds frequently.

Instead these members have decided to make the word "politician" even more the dirty word of the eon. In essence, they have said to their supporters "thanks for you vote, time to ignore it."

I think the cost would have been worth it.

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