Radical Islam Is The Problem

Although I don't necessarily agree with everything here Crowder get's this one right: It is Islamic Terrorism that is the problem.

I think Crowder may be inadvertently downplaying the role that passengers played in that flight when they wrestled down and detained that terrorist. If those passengers hadn't acted as they did, it's not clear just what that terrorist would have done once he regained his bearings - but that's my opinion. His essential point is right though - security did NOT save those passengers on that flight.

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  1. Radical Islam is a reaction to Western influence in the Middle East. Osama bin Laden's fatwa was issued in reaction to American troops deployed in Saudi Arabia which wahabi sunnis - principally - consider to be the sacrosanct land for Islam.

    When we rely on unmanned aerial drones to bomb villages and innocent women and children, the necessary reaction is to become self-defensive. If you rely on ethnocentric explanations that are more than an incomplete contextual analysis, then you not only allow for the same reactions to be perpetually committed and re-committed, you accept that our own actions are without criticism.

    Ignorance is bliss I suppose