The Issue is Competence

NP's Terry Glavin has pointed out an article suggesting that the Afghan Detainee issue predates the Conservatives, and was caused by Paul Martin's Liberal government.

Let me rephrase - it doesn't suggest, it clearly identifies the Martin Liberals of having known of abuse issues, these issues were apparently lost in the process or ignored, and the current Detainee transfer agreement was formalized all by them anyways.

In the end, with all the debate of Harper's prorogation of parliament, I think we've lost track of what the issue at hand is.

Employees of the government of Canada abroad communicated to the Canadian government that Afghan detainees were experiencing abuse at the hands of Afghan authorities.

Stephen Harper's government has given incomplete, vague, or confusing explanations as to why these reports were ignored.  The opposition, and justifiably so, have demanded answers.  The opposition has demanded resignations of senior members of the government, claiming that a competency issue exists in Harper's government.  The issue is competence and who can best manage the government of Canada.

With it clear that the Liberals have a part in the blame over this issue, if not an equal part of the blame, the issue of competence becomes null.  How can Iggy's Liberals claim they will be any better managers when they were guilty of starting the problem to begin with?

I would expect Stephen Harper to bring this report up over and over the moment McCallum or any other member of Iggy's shadow cabinet decides to go on the offensive.

Harper for his part should admit they made the mistake, apologize, and take the corrective action that is needed.  The issue is about competence and the fact that the standard we hold our leaders to is higher than we would hold a regular person to.  Given that I don't see any other path forward for Harper's government.

On Iggy's part, he should similarly express his regret, and indicate a willingness to cooperate with Harper on trying to solve the problem.  Because after all when two different governments with completely different people both make the same mistake at a certain point we have to start looking at the system as being at least part of the problem.

I guess expecting that type of adult behavior among Canadian politicians is like expecting timbits to rain down from the sky.  I expect it anyways.


  1. How much do you want to bet that the Liberals throw Martin and Graham under the bus and blame them for everything?

  2. The Liberals have been calling for an inquiry into all handling of detainees since 2002. Harper continues to refuse and, in all likelihood, will continue to ignore and show contempt for Parliament.

  3. What are you drinking?

    Politicians act like adults?

    2009 has been a busy years of stunts and props.

    I don't anticipate 2010 the games to stop. It is a reflection of what is how the MSM feeds(participates)this nonsense.