The Saga of Kurt Westergaard

The Danish Cartoonist that infamously drew a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb shaped turban, survived a murder attempt this past Friday.

Radical Islam appears to be so incapable of dealing with criticism, that even a slight attempt at mockery precipitates death threats and murder attempts with axes.  I'm starting to wonder if those that prescribe to Radical Islam can be considered part of a religion when Radical Islam really more closely resembles a cult.

If you consider National Socialism as a religion in the 20th, I suppose Radical Islam would fit nicely into your definition.  It seems to me however that the fanaticals in Al-Qaeda are more interested in supporting certain power structures and keeping certain leaders in power than they are about examining genuine theological issues.

What's stranger is that I don't think I have a single doubt in my mind that this will be the last attempt on Kurt Westergaard's life.  I don't honestly believe that anyone, irrespective of their views, would disagree with that statement either.  Has it really become that normal in western society for us live in that kind of fear and for none of us to question it? 

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