No-Thank-You Anti-Prorogue Festival

In a move, that has to make Stephen Harper smile, both Layton and Duceppe have decided to pass on Iggy Puff's invitation to them to join them in their anti-prorogue festival in Ottawa.

What I really can't understand is just what in the heck Iggy's Liberals are really thinking.  They have to realize that the Afghan detainee issue will be grain of salt in the sea by the time another election rolls around.  If the electorate come E-day honestly goes into voting booths across the country with the Afghan detainee issue on their minds  I'll have to blow my brains out... Ok not literally, but with the attention span of most voters I can't understand what focusing on that issue now brings.

If anything saving your ammo for when parliament resumes drags out the story and gets more media coverage.

I can't help but think though, if I were a Liberal or a Dipper or a separatist for that matter and loved Che, Stalin and Pierre Elliott Trudeau I would take a slightly different tact.

Harper's strategy is to build momentum for a bad news budget.  He's trying to prime the populace for budget cuts - cuts that most likely will chop away at Lefty statist golden calves that have been around for decades.

If I actually cared about the CBC remaining public, greater funding for the arts, increasing EI premiums to people who probably already don't need it, or increasing the size of the civil service I would be getting ready now to fight it.

I would want to organize or attend rallies for public broadcasting, arts, lefty stuff like that.  That's where I would want to not only make appearances to highlight all the positives about these great big government programs, but also by meeting these groups face to face it puts you in a position to develop those critical relationships that make your criticisms become all the more palatable later on.

Use the consultation process against Harper - that would be the strategy.  Hold conferences of your own - highlight all these rich horrible business executives making excessive amounts of money, that the Alberta oilpatch has so much money, and how Obama is doing such a great job raising taxes in the US that we have extra leeway to do the same up here without affecting our competitiveness.

The way its looking right now the opposition seems to either be unsure what to do or begun an  immature hissy fit "I'll have a parliamentary session if I want to" party.

Right now Harper must be smiling.  His strategy seems to be working exactly as he wanted it to.  Obviously he learned from last year.  As the opposition focuses on the Afghan detainee issue, I bet they will be completely unprepared for what's coming.


  1. Iggy is so naive - he took the bait, hook, line and sinker, backing himself into another indefensible corner and allowed Jack Layton to look like the grown-up by comparison AGAIN!

  2. Those poor protesting Facebookies...they must be so disappointed in Iffy