Prorogue to Death...

When the Prime Minister announced he was proroguing parliament my immediate question was why?

I read article after article from the main stream media decrying this horrendous attack from the evil reptilian kitten eaters in the Conservative Party against tenets of modern democracy. I mean this is serious stuff people - facebook groups were even being formed.

So I searched available sources, and the best I could was some vague comments published from Harper's communication guru indicating that the government wanted time to "consult with Canadians."

Apparently Harper was saving the best for the Commies at the CBC. He's effectively saying everything but that this maneuver is a ploy to push for Senate reform.

This is big. If Harper can pull this off, by the time parliament resumes the Tories will have a majority of Senators that are willing to entertain the notion of reform.

With the remarkable resistance to the Senate's status quo that the left in this country, and I speak of particularly those members of the Fiberal Party of Canada, seem to cling to with so much perseverance my guess is that this fight is about to get a lot more interesting come March.


  1. In spite of Evan Soloman's frantic and panic-stricken attempts to twist the words of his guests on Power and Politics today, it seems that most of them tended to lean toward the idea that this issue will not resonate with the public at large. Then, after watching Global News interview a few of the Facebook posters I came to the conclusion that most of them will, within a week, have moved on to subjects more pressing in their vapid little lives: such as Tiger Woods' cover shoot or Mariah Carey's acceptance speech at one of the interminable award shows.
    If this is another step in Prime Minister Harper's efforts to reform the Senate, I say more power to him. I would caution him, however, that unless he can get a constitutional change which does away with Quebec's disproportionate number of seats, he may be better of just to attempt to get this institution abolished or keep stacking it with Conservative supporters like the Liberals always do.

  2. I am taking the revolution to Facebook. There Will Be Facebook!