Climate Mistakes II

Apparently the IPCC Chairman was made aware of the mistake of Himalayan proportions made in a report months before anyone bothered to correct it.  This effectively destroys any credibility the IPCC Chairman has left.  It's one thing to make a mistake, it's quite another to be aware of it, know that it affects other people, and yet refuse to disclose and correct it.

The excuse that he was "... preoccupied with a lot of events..." is particularly unreasonable. The events he was involved with at the Copenhagen conference going according to plan and being executed appropriately were less important concerns than ensuring the information available to policy makers were reasonably free of LARGE errors.  Furthermore, I would argue he still has a duty to investigate how this error was missed and to take appropriate actions to ensure this won't happen again.

Instead, we have righteous indignation, an inability to empathize with those that were misled, and a refusal to disclose the whole truth of the error.  Errors in judgment also appear to be a problem for the IPCC chairman. For his sake I hope he can start to correct that behaviour as I don't believe this story is going away anytime to soon.

Climate Mistakes I

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