Cut Healthcare

Canadians are concerned that healthcare cuts are coming. Here's the thing - it's completely rational for them to be worried about exactly that. Healthcare should be cut. It's the most obvious and effective way for the government to reduce spending - which is why the Liberals did it in the 90s.

It isn't hard to justify just look at the following pie graph of federal expenses:

Notice anything in particular. One of the biggest chunks of the federal budget pie is transfers to governments which includes healthcare.

If you had to cut somewhere, wouldn't you cut the biggest parts of the pie? I would be more than happy if they privatized the CBC, but for every 1% we attempt to cut from crown corporations, a similar 1% cut in transfers would have yielded 5 times the results.

If we were really interested in the most effective way to cut federal spending healtcare would have to be on the table.  Could you live with 5% longer wait times?  If it takes 4 weeks to get an MRI today, would most Canadians even notice it if it took an extra day longer to get it?  Now switch it around and think about the logistics of trying to make cuts at the CBC...

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