Miller's backing of Giambrone is most likely welcome news to the embattled TTC chair.  Unfortunately it doesn't repair the damage that has been done. At this point Giambrone's sole concern is no doubt to salvage whatever he can from his personal and public life.  Politics is a rough a life.  Everyone has skeletons.  It doesn't matter who you are.  There are things we do everyday, most of which are not as immoral as what Giambrone did, that would still cause a media firestorm if anyone remembered the day we ran for public office.

George Bush II understood that all to well.  Upon entering the arena of Presidential politics he made a public mea culpa for sins of the past that he did not elaborate on.  It was a once and for all catch all apology indicating that he knew he had made mistakes in his past but he had learned from them.  Once some of those skeletons started coming out about his drinking history during his campaign, the stories were short lived.  The issue had already been dealt with.

Looking at Giambrone I think even he would admit that doing something similar would have been the wise choice to make.  Secrets have a habit of coming to light eventually, given enough time.  He would have been far better off to disclose his history of previous problems without going into details before his campaign was even out of the gate.

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