Iggy's Abortion Woes

Iggy Puff's latest brilliant idea is to encourage abortions all across the world all in the name of improving women's health worldwide.  Even as I write that I have to mentally sort out the concept.  "More babies killed by ripping them from mother's fertile womb equals better womens health?"  Or better still "More babies killed equals less child death rates?..."  Holy Moly I think my brain just exploded!

If it's really about choice, let's make it about choice.
You know, once upon a time, the abortion issue was all about choice.  We were told by the Brainy Harvard Professor Class out there that "it's a woman's body, it's woman's choice."

Great idea - what perchance ever happened to it?  While the Brainy Harvard Professor Class try to justify their selective amnesia let's admit facts:  choice is a thing of the past.  There is no choice.  There is only promotion.  The word "Pro-Choice" is just a moniker now - Now their is no choice.  Reproductive health can only be promoted by promoting abortion's for all.  It's not a woman's choice.  There's something wrong now if you choose something different.

I say if it's supposed to be about choice then let's make it about choice.  Let women chose by not supporting either side.

Meddling in other Countries business?... Colonialism under any other name.
What about those countries that don't believe in Abortion you might ask?  Iggy got asked that question.  His response: “I respect the position of other countries but all I can talk for is what Canada ought to do..."

Let me translate for those of you who don't speak Brainy Harvard: "Not my problem."

I'm sure that those "other", less enlightened, base, and stupid countries that don't believe in the enlightened philosophies of the west will take Iggy Puff's words warmly.

Like a slap in the face.
Iggy's disrespect for anyone that disagrees with him goes one step further with this measure because it's not just the barbarians in the developing world that Iggy and the Liberal Party hate -  it's also it's people like me.

Where is my choice in all this?  Apparently I'm considered an anomaly to be disregarded. And I'm sure that some of the initiatives that Iggy Puff would like us to support would include somehow some of my tax money going to support his cause.  It's effectively like they're reaching into your wallet, against your express will, and throwing it against a contentious issue you don't agree with.

Abandoning the center.
It's not about women dying in back alleys and it's not about "reproductive rights."  Iggy's proved it by not respecting the choice of people not to have abortions.

It's about preventing "unwanted babies."  It's about spreading pro-abortion propaganda.  It's about using government resources to change opinions.  It's about driving up abortions.

Which is amazing because I was under the impression that there was a sizable chunk of liberal people, Bill Clinton included, that were fans of legalized abortion believing that abortion laws only increase the incidence of abortion in the first place.

This opens up a unique opportunity for Stephen Harper believe it or not in this debate.  Iggy Puff, in all his intelligence, has abandoned the center in the abortion debate.  That leaves Harper to move in to fill the void.

And what's great about this, is that all Harper has to do seize the moment is to say and do nothing.

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