Danny Millions and the travesty of Socialized Medicine

The High Priest of Newfoundland's latest and greatest problem is that the surgery he underwent in the US was not medically necessary as he suggested.  In reality the particular surgery he had was more cosmetic than it was medically necessary.  The travesty of this issue is that Danny Millions truly doesn't understand the fuss:
"This was my heart, my choice and my health," the Newfoundland and Labrador premier said late Monday from his condominium in Sarasota, Fla. "I did not sign away my right to get the best possible health care for myself when I entered politics."
That's the whole point.  We do have a right to the best possible health care.  The problem is that this principle doesn't seem to apply when it comes to the healthcare system that we use everyday.  Danny Millions, based on his beliefs, should be the first person to push for the change we so desperately need in Healthcare: CHOICE.

Danny once mocked Stephen Harper - pushing the Liberal attack that he had a hidden agenda.  This included a hidden agenda to push private health care in Canada.  Maybe the true hidden agenda is that Danny wants the best care for himself only - and the rest of can be damned as far as he's concerned.

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