The Not-So-Democratic BQ

The Bloc's reaction to repelling the gun registry:
If all opposition members voted together, those parties would have enough votes to defeat the measure. But the Liberals and NDP allowed a free vote on the issue last fall, and enough of them voted with the Tories to abolish the registry.
All Bloc Québécois MPs voted against the bill. That party is now urging NDP Leader Jack Layton and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff to order their troops to join them in blocking the Tories.
The Bloc's reaction to Proroguing parliament which does not force a single MP to vote their way:
Duceppe accused Harper of trampling democratic principle with his ruthless partisanship.

"His attitude is that if you're not for me you're an enemy, and if you're an enemy you're a Taliban."
Democratic Principle seems only to apply when the Bloc decides it applies.

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