The Trouble With Climate Man

Charest - Becoming Canuckland's official Climate Superhero - does not seem to want to stop driving up the Ottawa-Quebec divide on Climate Change.  Apparently tying our emissions targets to those of the US doesn't exactly cut it for the Supreme Chancellor of La Belle Province.  The trouble is he's dead wrong on this file for more than one reason.

No one cares
Literally.  No one cares about emission targets.  If you go up to average Joe Blow on the street corner in Barrie the chances of him complaining about 17 % below 2005 emission reduction targets versus 6% below 1990 levels are pretty low.  Really I'm willing to bet money on it.  What Canadians that do care about climate change really care about is reducing emissions.  Publishing a piece of paper and putting a number on it does not make emissions amazingly reduce.  Implementation is what actually matters.  And quite frankly I don't think any of these targets are realistic, or practical so in the end I don't think it'll matter.  But don't tell that to the Climate Man - emission targets matter!

Even Quebec hasn't met its targets.
Believe it or not even Canada's own Climate Superhero's province has not manage to met its aggressive emission targets.  It was always said that the only time a jurisdiction in the world had shown in recent history a reduction of carbon emissions was in Russian during the economic crisis that followed the collapse of communism.  Economies produce emissions.  The more an economy grows, the more people are working.  The more people are working, the more they are using their cars and burning.  More companies are churning out products too as the economy grows.  The more companies are churning out products the more electric they're using and therefore the more fossil fuels are being used to generate that electricity.  I just can't understand how some people think by a magical fantasy carbon emissions are somehow going to drop.

I think Canada's Climate Man needs to get over himself.

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