The Trouble In Calgary West

Rob Anders's troubles in Calgary West are being framed as a simple case of the horrible authoritarians in Harper's Conservative party managing from the top down.  The opinions of the grassroots, we are told, are being ignored.  Harper, we are told, once again is a hypocrite.  Although I believe the Harper Tories have lost their way when it comes to some things I find myself being very suspicious of the characterization of this story by the media.

I trust Rob Anders.  I've met him, talked to him, and got some pretty frank admissions from him in private that have led me to trust him.  To the point that I am opt to believe Anders first before any allegation.  If Rob Anders claims that Liberals have taken over his Board to oust him - I'm inclined to believe him.

Sure enough a quick google search on one"victim", Kennedy-Glans, reveals the most interesting alternative story courtesy of Ezra Levant written one year ago.

Just for the sake of some quick searches I decided to look up Dan Morrison the former President of the Calgary West EDA  and the apparent leader of the Anti-Anders Board members in the Canadian Elections Database to see if I could find a contribution history.

Only two entries could be found for the year 2000.  One was for a "D. Morrison" who contributed $315 to the Liberal Party of Canada.  Another was for a "Dan Morrison" who contributed $300 to the New Democratic Party of Canada.  Sounds like a real committed Conservative to me.

Now there may be plenty of Dan Morrison's out there. Yet this is still evidence that is supportive of Mr Anders claim that Liberal operatives have taken over his EDA.

With no clear list of which board members have resigned, I can't search for contribution histories on these other "victims" but somehow I doubt I would find much different results.

The only people that know for sure are the former board members of the Calgary West EDA, Rob Anders, and the CPC National Council.  Though If I had to stake a bet on who's telling the truth it would be Anders.

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